General questions

Who are you?
One Love is a new international initiative from the founders of Whocares in Holland. Our aim is to unite all the goodness in Europe. So don’t worry, we’re the good guys. Read more in the About One Love section.

Refugee Start Force aims to give refugees a shortcut into the Dutch society. The aim of the Refugee Start Force is to equip refugees with the contacts and knowledge to realise their professional ambitions. Refugee Start Force connects newcomers with local professionals, organisations and companies based on skill sets and expertises.

Takecarebnb makes it possible for refugees who hold a residence permit to temporarily stay with Dutch host families while waiting for their own home. This facilitates integration, helps them to build a social network, and learn Dutch. Most importantly, guests and hosts develop a meaningful and equal relationship based on a mutual respect and understanding.

Opening your home

How does it work?
Really simple actually. Choose what day or evening you want to invite people, tell something about yourself, post a picture and say how many people can visit. Then people will start contacting you via e-mail. And when your house is full, you can make your invitation inactive.

How about privacy?
We don’t publish e-mail and home adresses or phone numbers. Just your hometown. If people want to contact you, they fill in a form with their contact information. You’ll receive an e-mail, and from that moment on you can talk to each other via e-mail. Safe and sound.

I made an invitation, but I want to change something or delete it
Simple. Just log in and change or delete your message.

I’ve got another really important question
No problem. Just mail us at

Inviting yourself

How does it work?
Really simple actually. When you see an invitation you like, just click the ‘invite yourself’ button. Tell something about yourself and choose with how many people you want to come. Then you’ll be contacted by the host. Simple as that.

I’ve never been to a Muslim home. How do I behave?
You know, Muslims are just like regular people. If you behave friendly, they probably behave friendy as well. Just be yourself and keep your eyes open. Then everything will be fine.

Do I need to bring anything?
Tip #1: Just think of what you would bring to a friends dinner, and then skip all the alcoholic drinks.
Tip #2: Ask your host.

I’ve got another really important question
No problem. Just mail us at

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